Established since 1991

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About Us

Accent Asiatech Pte Ltd has had more than 20 years’ of operational experience.

Our main business involves the distribution of quality electronic components in the South East Asia region. We have a warehouse which stocks fast-running items as well as some components which tend to have a long lead-time. This facility allows us to provide our customers with a reliable and consistent supply of parts.

Through the automotive division established in 1999, Accent Asiatech also distributes automotive parts, including brakes and friction material, specialising in European, Japanese and Korean vehicles. We currently supply to fleet operators, spare part outlets and local specialty workshops.

Our Brands

Semitec Corporation

NTC Thermistors, Surge Suppression, Lightning Arresters, Infrared Sensors, MOV, Current Sensors, Standard & Custom-made Temp Sensors

Appl: A/C, Home Showers, Battery Packs, Copiers, Fax-Machines, etc. 

iSense Technologies

iSense Technologies

Tactile Switches, Power Switch, Hook Switch, Slide Switch, Rotary & Lever Switch, Detector Switch, Potentiometers, Custom Made Switch, SMD Switches, Composite Switches, Toggle Switches, etc.

Appl: Digital Camera, Hi-Fi, VCR, TV, Remote Control, Printers, Telephone, Radios, Modems, Fax Machines, Monitors, Answering Machines, MP3 Players, LCD TVs, Car Audio, Digital Camcorders, Laptops, Mobile Phones, etc

Innovative Sensor Technology

Platinum & Nickel RTDs, Capacitive Humidity Sensors & modules, Temp ICs, Flow Sensors (Liquid & Gas)

Appl: Medical Equipment, Flow Meters, Industrial Automation Systems, HVAC, Food Processing, Pump Controls, Cooling Circuit Control, etc. 

Vincenc Home Development Co. Ltd

Leaded/SMD LEDs (Ultra-Bright, Blue, White etc.), Segment Displays, Diodes, Metal Oxide Varistors

Appl: General Appliances & Equipment

Isahaya Electronics Corporation

Multi Function Transistor, Bipolar Transistor, MOSFET, Diode, Shunt Regulator, Hybrid ICs, etc. 

Appl: IGBT Driver, Power Supply, Power Unit, AV Appliances, Automotive Products, etc. 

Fuzetec Technology Co.

PTC/Resettable Fuse/Polyswitch

Appl: TVs, Office Equipment, General Home Appliances, etc. 

Contact Us

Electronics Division

Tel: +65 67630921


Office: 63 Hillview Ave, Lam Soon Industrial Building, #10-04, Singapore 669569.

Operating Hours: 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday, Closed on PH.